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Can Samsung TV Use Zoom? (Workarounds Included) – Use AirPlay with Apple TV or AirPlay-enabled TVs

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› can-samsung-tv-use-zoom-workarounds-included. 1. Navigate on your Samsung TV home screen to launch the App Store. ยท 2. Hover over to the Search option and type Zoom using the on-screen.


How to get Zoom on your TV


Zoom is one of the best video conferencing software that is highly useful for meetings, conferences, video webinars, and other business IM. With its real-time messaging and screen sharing features, meetings and other discussions will be seamlessly easy regardless of distance.

However, Zoom does not provide a TV version, and it would be great if you could mirror Zoom meeting to TV and gain a better meeting experience on a bigger screen. If you have an Android TV, you are lucky. ApowerMirror is an awesome tool that allows you to share and cast screen from one device to another. Therefore, you can use it to cast phone to phone, phone to PC, vice versa, and mirror phone to TV.

Proceed to learn how to cast Zoom meeting to TV and share a Zoom meeting instantly to everyone who is not in the conference room. If you are using an Android device and want to mirror Zoom meeting to TV from mobile, you can follow the steps below to do it. To learn how, follow the steps below. Zoom is a great app for online conference calls as it allows users to manage meetings and webinars easily.

Luckily, you can now share and cast Zoom meeting to TV with ApowerMirror no matter what device you are using. This app also provides some other features like screen recording and whiteboarding that you can use while you are having a Zoom meeting on your phone. Download ApowerMirror is an awesome tool that allows you to share and cast screen from one device to another. Then connect both devices under the same WiFi network.

Run the app on your Android phone and tap the blue mirror button to detect your TV. Then tap the name of your TV to build connection. You can also scan the QR code on your TV to connect. Then your phone screen will be mirrored to your TV instantly. Launch the Zoom app on your Android device, and join a Zoom meeting. Run the app on your iDevice and then tap the blue mirror button. Wait for the app to detect your TV, and then tap the name of your TV.

Or you can scan the QR code for connection. Then your PC screen will be shown on your TV immediately. Conclusion Zoom is a great app for online conference calls as it allows users to manage meetings and webinars easily. Rating: 4. Last updated on January 27, Leave a Comment. Please input your name! Please input a valid email address! Please input review content! Comment 3. I have an HDMI cable to hook up my tv to my windows laptop.

So, do I need to only download the software on my pc? Prev 1.


Can i connect zoom to my samsung smart tv.Can You Use Smart TV for Zoom


I want to zoom with friends tonight and not sure if I can do this via the tv? I serached to put it on as an app but cant get it, I t can sign in to account on the internet on TV.

Can anyone let me know if it can be done and talk me through what to do? Sadly no you cant however you can possibly mirror your phone to your TV? This maybe a way round it. I have not tried this myself with Zoom but have with other things. Might be worth a try. I am sorry I cant be of more help, someone else may pick up the chat and suggest other options as well so keep an eye.

May be a bit too techical for me to do the phone and tv thing, hopefully someone can advise. DrPepper1 whilst have not screen mirrored Zoom or video calling apps myself yet, a few methods you could try with some detail in the links. If you have a laptop with a decent screen size that would also be an alternative if desired.

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions. Hopefully the information will prove beneficial to anyone who wishes to try mirroring by any other method. Interested to read this query. I can get my phone to connect with TV via Smart View app, I seem only to be able to show photos, videos and play music via this app. Looks like the originator of the question has had success with Zoom , could someone please suggest how I can get Zoom to work with my Samsung phone and Samsung TV please.

Hi guys. If you don’t have any luck with Smart View then I have read that it might be possible to mirror Zoom via Google Chromecast. With the actual Smart view app though I could only use the phone to operate Tv and the Smart apps. Labels: Televisions. DrPepper1 Explorer. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. FlorieJoy Samsung Helper. Thank you and keep safe. No problem, take care.

Thanks James, we did managed to use smartview which worked well. Thanks for links. Kristinab First Poster. AndrewL Moderator. Post Reply. Related Content.