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Get ready for a total spook-fest. Everyone has a reserve of spooky campfire stories to tell, so light a candle and share your stories over a group video chat.

You can choose a project to do together, or go ahead and venture into separate crafts—just keep the video chat rolling while you create. Macrame, scrapbooking, drawing, take your pick. Set a date to be finished by so you can present your final products to each other, or even mail them out as gifts for one another! Sync up using YouTube, or use a website dedicated to online karaoke like Sing Snap , and host a virtual karaoke party.

You can even amp up your performance and do it in costume or drag! Go full-on Halloween, or pick a theme and throw a virtual costume party! Construct something wacky or scary and make it a contest, voting on whose costume is best.

Take this opportunity to revisit an old hobby or skill, and show it off to your friends! You might be surprised at what your friends can do! Start up a shared Google Doc and take turns writing one sentence at a time, adding on to the story as you go.

The final results are usually hilarious, and who knows? Are you a master at baking sourdough? Wood carving? There are several options you can find online, but a creative way to play is to make your own trivia game, including inside jokes and personal facts among your circle.

You could also make your own themed trivia, creating questions about a commonly loved series or film. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Get your friends on the video chat and start asking some bold questions! Every time the laugh-track comes on?

Take a sip! Every time Ross whines to Rachel? Take another. Sync up your Netflix accounts and watch something like Friends or The Office, and drink every time a quirky phrase or mannerism is repeated. You can decide on the rules as you go, adding on as you delve deeper into the show. Ready to start plotting your world-wide takeover? Well now is as good of a time as any to start brainstorming! Collaborating with some of your favorite humans is an excellent way to get the ball rolling, and who knows?

You could come up with something that could change your lives forever. With sites like Pogo , you and your friends have access to a bunch of different multiplayer board games you can play together virtually. Not feeling the classics? Head over to Jackbox and purchase an inexpensive game pack you can play online with your pals. Take your pick and make a night of it. If you and your friends enjoy a crisp craft beer every now and then, why not show your local breweries some love?

Choose a brewery, pick up a variety pack, and host a virtual beer tasting! Feeling nostalgic lately? Pick an era you and your friends enjoy throwing back to, and make a night out of it!

Want to make it even more epic? Book a cover band to perform virtually. Check out National Theatre at Home for an extensive array of shows to watch, from archive recordings to new performances. Get your friends to do the same, and share each item together virtually to decide on who wants what!

You can even mail out the selected items to one another after giving everything a good wash! Plan with your friends to order colorful fabric and elastic, and share a face mask sewing tutorial online over Zoom. If you get the hang of it, you could donate some to frontline workers, gift them to your family or even start an Etsy page and sell custom made masks! Who here has an old diary they have held on to for too long? If your friends are the journaling type, challenge them to find an old passage and share them with one another over a virtual reading.

Show off some of your most eccentric, daring ensembles with a virtual fashion show party! Get each of your friends to choose three outfits and display your unique style to one another. This could be a great way to present those closet exchange pieces too! Get your family and friends together for a unique entertainment experience of participating in your very own game show.

You can gather virtually to play personalized games like trivia and jeopardy with a live host! Check it out! Have yourselves an evening of the occult with tarot cards and glimpses into the distant future. To take it up a notch, hire a Fortune Teller or tarot card expert for virtual party readings! Get spooky and spiritual on your next Zoom gathering, or even start planning for a virtual Halloween party.

Find a Virtual Psychic. Dig out those jerseys and foam fingers, and crack a cold one for a virtual watch party of your favorite sport! With some sports leagues resuming their season, check their schedules and start planning for a game viewing with fellow fans.

Bonus: we’ve put together this guide to hosting a Super Bowl party along with some football-themed Zoom backgrounds. Come to appreciate the ancient study of astrology on your next virtual hangout. Learn about planetary patterns and cycles and read your respective monthly horoscopes on AstrologyZone.

If you really want to take it to the next level, you could even hire a certified astrologer for an expert reading. Remember MASH? No matter the reason, virtual backgrounds can be much more than everyone acting like they are a character from The Office. A fun, 5-minute way to get students hooked into their next Zoom meeting. Probably one of the most popular games to play with students is a virtual scavenger hunt.

The premise is simple, you have a list of items and then ask students to run through their house or apartment attempting to find the items and show them on the screen.

Last week, I got to host a virtual trivia night via Zoom. We had over people during the event that drew lots of positive feedback for keeping them engaged while also doing something fun during this stressful time.

I used a pro-level software called Crowdpurr to run my event, but I could just as easily do something similar using a tool like Kahoot! These quizzes or trivia can either be done live or student-paced.

For better tracking, you could always use a tools like Nearpod , Polleverywhere, or Peardeck to gather feedback via a second screen or browser tab. Gathering feedback in polls is one way to interact with students, but you could also use a shared collaborative space like a Padlet or Ziteboard to have students discuss and brainstorm ideas on shared spaces. You could also combine this with the breakout rooms 4 from above to have each group brainstorm a topic while you navigate from board to board.

Yes, you can share your screen and even your slides with your students via a tool like Google Slides, Keynote or Powerpoint. But since you have them live, why not use a tool like Nearpod to actually guide them through the learning with you.

Ideally, this would work best with two screens, but since everything these days is web-based you could guide them through the presentation on one screen while they follow along to your voice on the other. Doing this on an iPad?

Share the join code with your students and then have them switch to the Nearpod app while leaving the Zoom app open in the background so they can hear your voice while following along. Of course, one of the best parts of using a tool like Nearpod is all the extra features like Virtual field trips, 3D models, Microsoft Sway, collaborative boards and more.

Silence can be awkward in the classroom. Using a countdown timer either on a slide, video or on a tool like ClassroomScreen. As I will mention on my next point, students need breaks from lengthy instruction throughout their day whether they be on a screen or not. If you are hosting a minute lesson online, build in a 5 minute break for students to stretch or get a glass of water to keep their brain active.

Taking breaks throughout a lengthy lesson are important whether it be for a reflective pause or just an opportunity to stretch. Using tools like GoNoodle, teachers can lead a virtual dance party in their remote classroom to get the kids up and moving. There are a wide variety of analog strategies you could use with your students by using paper and pencil. One might be sharing a math problem on your screen while students work out the results.

Then, countdown and have them reveal their answers to their cameras at the same time. A big struggle with online learning via video is keeping students focus and attention, especially to the finer details. The premise would be that the teacher or student has an object out of camera view and then has to describe the object.

You could do this with all sorts of other ideas from historical figures to using descriptive words in another language. Taking that directed drawing from 14 to the next level by doing a Monster drawing. This helps kids both with descriptive words but also with listening and translating. In the end, have students show their creations on the screen to see who got closest to the description.

This activity could be used in other areas as well such as re-creating a story character or describing a graph in math. Students can still do long-term projects either individually or in groups even though they final results may be different than what was done traditionally in the classroom.

Using online project management and productivity tools like Trello , MeisterTask or ClickUp can help students struggling with organization and timelines. Coupling those tools with video meeting check-ins can help kids learn how to collaborate and complete a project online over a length of time. BreakoutEDU has always been one of my favorite ways to engage students of all ages by creating a series of clues and challenges that the students have to uncover.

The great thing about their platform is they have already done most of the heavy lifting in creating the BreakOuts for you based on subject and age level.

In this game, students privately message the teacher some facts about themselves and then the teacher reveals the clues. Students then write down their guesses as to who the person is based on the clues. Other adaptations could be students sending clues about historical figures, book characters, etc. Using the Flippity. Flippity actually lets you send out the cards via link or QR code as kids can fill in their cards digitally. Amongst some of the other Flippity.

A great way to review information for a unit or novel study, you can fill in the back-end answers using a Google spreadsheet and then share your screen with the game board. Students can play individually, or you could pre-assign teams and then send them to breakout rooms to discuss what they think the answer might be. This is a similar concept where you start the story and have random students add the next line. By doing it randomly rather than in a specific order, you cause all students to be thinking of a response rather than just waiting until their turn.

Mix it up with story recaps or historical fiction to see what they come up with. This web-based application has you draw out a shape as close as you can while the AI guesses what it might be. When you see an object that is close to what you are drawing, you select it to place into your drawing.

Flashcards can be pretty boring, especially if you are just using them yourself to practice terms, definitions or maybe even a foreign language.

Now that we are remote, it becomes even more challenging to find a partner or group to practice with. Using tools like Fishbowl and Quizlet Live can be leveraged to create fun and energizing ways to have kids practice their terms either as a group or in breakout rooms. One of the hidden nuggets I always love showing teachers is the Polygraph feature contained within the free, web-based math app called Desmos.

As you can upload any image, the mystery item could be a person, place, thing, word, math problem, etc. Then student B has to ask yes or no questions and decide which items they can eliminate. To me, there is no greater stress reliever than to let loose and start moving. Dancing is a great team bonding exercise because the act helps coworkers show each other a vulnerable and goofy side. To host a virtual team dance party, you can invite your teammates to a video call, queue up a playlist full of groovy tunes, and bust a move.

Another variation on the dance party is to hold a silent disco. At in-person silent discos, each attendee dances to music played on a personal headset.

At virtual silent discos, participating is as easy as muting the microphone on Zoom. Each teammate will dance to a song of choice, and other teammates can try to guess the song based on the sweet moves.

Virtual dance parties emphasize movement and help employees blow off steam. During virtual dance parties, teammates do not need to think up witty comments to connect with coworkers; rhythm can do all the talking. When I started working from home, I began attending virtual happy hours with colleagues.

Honestly, I may never return to real bars for work outings. Virtual happy hours mean no wait for drinks, no line for the bathroom, and no shouting over a jukebox. Best of all, none of my coworkers has to drive home or call an Uber afterwards. Virtual happy hours allow remote employees to socialize in a comfortable setting. People that work from home often report feeling isolated, but virtual happy hours trigger connection and foster feelings of belonging.

Coworkers have grabbed after-work drinks together for centuries. Virtual happy hours allow employees to toast each other from opposite coasts, continuing the tradition with a modern twist.

Check out our list of virtual happy hour activities. TV Viewing parties are events where party-goers gather to watch a special broadcast such as an awards show like the Oscars, a sporting event like the Super Bowl, or a season finale of a popular show like Game of Thrones. During an Online TV Viewing Party, teammates will chat on a video conferencing platform like Zoom while respectively streaming the show on a platform like YouTube or Hulu.

Shared experiences help employees form bonds, and watching special events together helps teammates find common ground. After all, if remote employees cannot recap the show at the water cooler the next day, then team members might as well watch and comment together in real time. While weekends are perfect for sleeping in and catching up with friends over eggs benedict, french toast, and mimosas, weekday breakfasts normally consist of a bagel or granola bar and a cup of coffee to go.

You can give your employees the chance to start the morning slowly with a digital breakfast in bed. Here is an entire list of fun icebreaker questions you can use. Connecting with coworkers is a great way to start the day. Some companies have daily morning meetings, but remote workplaces tend to lack those kinds of rituals. Digital Breakfasts in Bed jump-start the remote work day with stimulating conversation and companionship, motivating employees by improving morning moods.

I love karaoke. I used to live near an Asian-style karaoke house where I could rent a private room, sip a fancy punch out of a fishbowl, shake a light-up tambourine, and sing my heart out.

Ever since I moved to a new city, Virtual Karaoke has taken the place of the parlor. Sometimes, I even invite my coworkers to join me. Virtual Karaoke is a great social event for coworkers because the activity breaks down barriers and comfort zones and encourages employees to take risks. You can also host the event entirely on Zoom by queuing up a YouTube video playlist and sharing the screen.

Karaoke is a great fit for all kinds of team members. To me, office birthday parties are a blessing and a curse. On one hand, free cake! On the other hand, free cake… My pants fit tighter on months with multiple coworker birthdays. You can celebrate birthdays in virtual work-spaces too, often in much more waistline-friendly ways. When I turned thirty earlier this year, my remote coworkers commemorated the milestone with a birthday email chain complete with a photoshopped pic of me in a party hat.

Online birthday parties are one of the simplest but most often overlooked opportunities for virtual social events.

Birthday parties can be fun and meaningful whether held in a break room strewn with streamers or hosted on a video call. Celebrating special occasions as a group helps team members to feel seen and appreciated, thus boosting employee morale. Check out our list of virtual birthday party ideas for more inspiration.

Mixers are events that unite different groups. A Virtual Mixer unites disparate departments on a video call. This example is one of the more appealing virtual social event ideas for large groups because the format allows far-flung colleagues to hobnob.

The Zoom breakout rooms feature allows meeting leaders to break groups into smaller teams, meaning that you can divide attendees into mixed groups to allow for optimal mingling and game play. You can encourage employees to integrate even further by messaging these new acquaintances on Slack after the mixer ends. Here is a list of questions for getting to know people. Speed dating is an event where singles switch seats every few minutes, meaning participants speak with several people in a short amount of time.

Virtual Speed Dating pairs employees up for quick five minute conversations. While the point of regular speed dating is to find love, the aim of Virtual Speed Dating is to get to know many different coworkers. To host virtual speed dating, use Breakout Rooms in Zoom to create separate rooms in which pairs or small groups can carry on side discussions.

This video from Zoom explains how to use the Breakout Room feature. You can either pre-assign users to certain rooms prior to the meeting, or you can number the breakout rooms and then have attendees count off in the meeting to determine the room. Allow each pairing five to eight minutes to talk before regrouping and splitting into new pairs. If you would like to enact a slower version of virtual speed dating, then you can use the Donut app in Slack.

Donut pairs employees with random coworkers, reveals the partners, and encourages the participants to meet up for coffee or a chat. You can set the frequency so that Donut matches teammates daily or weekly. The downside is that nobody is around to yell at you when you abandon the workout to loaf on the couch ten minutes in. Online Fitness Classes promote healthy habits through group accountability.

Plus, these classes are way more fun than a solo slog on a treadmill. There is no need to limit your team to traditional workouts such as kickboxing, spin classes, or cardio routines. Feel free to explore unusual options like Bollywood dancing, aerial yoga, or hoola hooping. You can even spice up classics like pilates by adding non-exercise elements like painting or heavy metal music. While sweating solo has its advantages, group fitness offers perks such as finding a community to cheer on your efforts.

Online exercise classes provide a great way to meet and bond. Employees who dread stepping into sneakers will look forward to spending time with colleagues during an Online Fitness Class. Learn more about team building workouts to maximize the benefits. Virtual coffee breaks are one of the most common virtual social events. Virtual coffee meetings are video calls where remote employees chat about non-work topics.

Informal conversations help remote employees build rapport with colleagues and lead to more effective collaboration. To host a virtual coffee session, you will decide on a day and time, send out video call invitations, and then talk and relax with teammates. You can either host a group social evvent with the entire team or encourage individual members to take regular coffee dates with each other.

Of course, no Virtual Coffee Date is complete without coffee, so you can treat your teammates to a gift card, send a coffee sample, or instruct the team to brew a favorite blend. Check out our list of virtual coffee meeting ideas for more. I descend from a long line of arts and crafts enthusiasts. Growing up, glitter, ribbons, and construction paper constantly covered the dining room table. Chatty crafters gathered around that same table, teaching me that crafting can be a communal event.

To host a digital craft night, you will plan a video call, pick a craft, gather supplies, and mold your masterpieces. Project possibilities are endless. The internet is full of awesome projects that take little skill. You can check out sites like Pinterest and Instructables for more ideas. Crafting occupies my hands and mind, preventing me from feeling self conscious around strangers.

Digital Craft Nights are good fits for socially anxious team members who want to participate but struggle to break into conversations. Tactile learners love this type of virtual event too.

Digital Craft Nights offer a social outlet and a creative outlet. Here is a list of art classes you can do online. Virtual Casino Nights are events where coworkers gather online to enjoy entertainment and games of chance. Casino events have long been a staple of corporate culture. Remote workplaces can join the fun with web-based versions of typical casino activities.

Online casino nights are one of the fancier virtual social event ideas for companies. Gambling is the center of any trip to the casino, and you can play classic games online. The team can join online poker games or download collaborative game apps. While some sites let you play for real money, I recommend finding for-fun-only versions in order to avoid legal or interpersonal issues.

The group can meet via audio call while playing the games. Casino nights let teammates test out luck and skill in low-stakes but high-fun environments.

Plus, these events let employees blow off steam and mingle, so really, all attendees win. You might think that college kids have no interest in hearing a bedtime story, but students in pajamas packed the lobby every year.

Turns out, adults like story-time every bit as much as children. This may be one of the most nostalgic virtual social event ideas for college students, but chances are, your work team will enjoy story-time too. You can recapture the magic of reading by planning an entertaining and interactive Virtual Story-time for your team. If your team feels inventive, then you can always turn story-time into a storytelling event by asking team members to write and share personal pieces.

Either way, story sharing helps employees develop valuable work skills such as persuasion and presentation. Inspired by this program, I signed up for an improvisational theatre class in high school. Improv tested my quick-thinking abilities, developed my communication skills, and brought me closer to my classmates. For these reasons, improv serves as an excellent team building exercise. Improv teaches flexibility and is a ton of fun. You can host an Online Improv event for your teams over video call to develop the ability to think on the spot.

Party People — One teammate plays the party host; all others are guests. To Your Right — Every attendee picks up the nearest object to the right. Participants must tell a story that incorporates every object into the tale.

There are plenty of other improv games you can play. Feel free to search for more improv activities online. Improv engineers strange social circumstances that compel employees to adapt. Online improv nights are customizable and inclusive, as employees who do not feel comfortable acting out scenarios can contribute to the event by suggesting scenes. Here is a list with more improv games to play.

Open Mics are events where participants sign up for slots to share a talent like reading a poem, playing an instrument, or performing a comedy set. Virtual Open Mics move the venue from a coffeehouse stage to an online meeting. For extra credit, you can send a recap or review of the open mic to the team after the event to serve as a reminder.


25 Strategies to Engage Students on Your Next Zoom Meeting – Hooked On Innovation.20 Engagement Party Games and Activities Guests Love

Jan 07,  · Here are some of our favorite virtual party ideas, games and online activities you can do together to socialize with friends and family from a distance. 1. Dinner Party. Decide on a recipe, a cuisine, or just eat some food . Dec 02,  · This game is probably best for virtual engagement parties with smaller guest lists, but you could also create breakout rooms so smaller groups can play together. 5. Pictionary. Everyone brings a notepad and marker to the party, and the group is divided into teams. One member of the team picks a noun (there are random Pictionary word generators Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins. The First Look. Planning a Zoom engagement party starts the same as if you were planning a party IRL: Create a guest list, send out an evite, and assign a “host” or MC for the event. Be sure to stick to a schedule throughout the event for introductions, toasts, games, activities, and goodbyes. Make the Zoom session more festive with a.


Zoom engagement party ideas – none: –


Arianna Belle Photography. You’re engaged—congrats! Now comes the fun part: celebrating the joyous occasion with family and friends. We know with the wedding approaching, you’re likely stressed about planning an additional event not to mention paying for one.

To help, we rounded up eight engagement party ideas that won’t break the bank. Plus, you can find budget-friendly ways to personalize your celebration so your event feels perfectly tailored to your love story. If you’re hosting the event in honor of the happy couple, these ideas will still work too. In fact, they’ll help you save on extra costs so you can simply focus on celebrating the lovebirds.

Keep scrolling to find out everything you need to know about this pre-wedding party and to see our favorite budget-friendly engagement party ideas.

An engagement party is exactly what it sounds like: a celebration of a couple’s official engagement. Typically, it’s a gathering of friends and family who will be attending the wedding. For distant family members or friends that live in other places, it’s a wonderful opportunity to bond even more with the couple. For the couple, it’s a great time to share details of their relationship with everyone prior to the wedding.

An engagement party isn’t a mandatory pre-wedding event, but it’s a lovely way to celebrate your relationship milestone with the ones you love most. There aren’t any rules around hosting a wedding. If a family member or friend wants to plan an engagement party for the couple, they certainly can.

However, if the couple would rather host an event themselves, that’s perfectly fine. An engagement party is all about celebrating. After all, the couple is going to get married! Whether the guests partake in other forms of entertainment is up to whoever hosts the event. If, for example, you’re hosting a backyard engagement party, guests might play lawn games like cornhole.

Or, if you’re planning a vintage engagement party, retro trivia questions could be fun. Typically, you’d invite friends and family members who are also invited to the wedding. Inviting someone to your engagement party and not inviting them to the wedding could cause hurt feelings, so it’s best to steer clear of that situation whenever possible.

You can invite both friends and family members, or you can plan two separate parties: one for family and one for friends. Between the bach party, shower, rehearsal dinner and actual wedding, we know there are sizeable costs associated with weddings.

That’s why we rounded up eight creative engagement party ideas that won’t break the bank. Kim Moody Design. We love the idea of hosting a backyard engagement party because it’s extremely cost-effective. Plus, it’s a safe way to celebrate together in light of the coronavirus pandemic—assuming you and your guests follow proper protocol wear masks, stay six feet apart and wash your hands frequently.

Rather than renting out a venue, simply invite your guests to come hang out in your backyard space. Plus, the number of backyard engagement party ideas are absolutely endless. Plan a low-key barbecue with lawn games or a formal cocktail party with twinkling lights. Think about your love story and see if you can incorporate it into the theme.

If you met at college, host a backyard letterman jacket. Or, if you’re looking for creative engagement party food ideas, simply serve your favorite snacks and drinks for the occasion.

Pro tip: Ask other guests to bring refreshments to cut costs. If you’re looking for engagement party favors, consider favorite family recipes, local goodies or custom keepsakes. The more personal, the better. Hawaii Vista Weddings. As it’s safest to avoid large indoor gatherings, we recommend thinking outside the box.

Organize a virtual engagement party so everyone can celebrate safely. If there are simply too many people to be on a video call, break the guests up into small groups and spend time with each group. Send out simple printable trivia games or little celebratory gift boxes fill them with home-baked goods, pictures or champagne. Catch the happy couple off guard by planning a surprise engagement party.

If you’re a friend or family member of the couple’s, this is a great way to celebrate their love without overwhelming them with more planning or spending. Organize an entire party and bring them along to enjoy the final result. You can plan any kind of party you’d like here. Host a themed party based on their favorite television series, movie, song, hobby—anything you can think of.

Bring them somewhere unexpected like a roller rink, an art gallery or a local brewery. You can also rent out space at a local restaurant, bar or event space to make the occasion even more special. The Box Street Social. Who doesn’t love brunch? Throw the happy couple a brunch-themed engagement party to celebrate their upcoming nuptials. We love this idea because it’s much more affordable than a fancy dinner, but it still feels thoughtful and elegant.

Whether you cater food into a space, make reservations at a restaurant or cook brunch yourself, your guests will definitely have a great time. Set up a mimosa station or a bloody mary bar to get the party started, and then serve up brunch staples pancakes, eggs, waffles and fruit.

If you’re looking for affordable engagement party brunch ideas, consider asking everyone to bring an item to the feast. Woodland Events. Fun fact: Most proposals take place between Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you popped the question during the colder season, celebrate that by planning a winter wonderland engagement party.

Decorate the space with white winter-themed products, sparkly accents and frosted accessories for a modern, dreamy vibe. Serve cold-weather favorites, like warm apple cider and hot chocolate. For food, lean into seasonal staples like Christmas roast, mashed potatoes, and decorated sugar cookies.

Play your favorite winter-themed songs to celebrate the season. Gina James Events. If you and your partner love to check out the latest upscale bar or restaurant, host an event that reflects that. Plan a formal black and white engagement party to celebrate your relationship milestone. Ask guests to rock their fanciest clothes and rent out a chic space like a loft, wine bar or hotel lounge.

The amount of black and white engagement party ideas is limitless. Plan an elegant masquerade ball, a multi-course meal, or a simple cocktail party. Plus, if you’re struggling with all of the engagement party cake ideas out there, a black and white theme narrows the choices down quickly.

Newport Vineyards. Maybe your backyard isn’t big enough to host the pre-wedding party you’re envisioning—that’s OK. Take your plans over to a local party for a lovely picnic engagement party. Bring all of the equipment you’d use for a backyard engagement party utensils, drinks, cooler, lawn games, and more to make the public space feel a little more like home. The park will serve as a gorgeous backdrop for all of the pictures at the party.

Plus, it’ll give everyone space to spread out and enjoy the fresh air. Drake Social. If you and your partner love a retro vibe, consider planning an engagement party to reflect that. There are so many vintage engagement party ideas that will make your party unforgettable.

Ask guests to dress up for a Grease-inspired sock hop or throw a Gatsby-worthy bash with s nostalgia. Fill the space with an old-school soundtrack and add in details like a typewriter for guests to write you well wishes or Polaroid cameras to collect memories.

Begin typing to search, use arrow keys to navigate. Loading next article. Engagement Party. Whether they love cooking together in the kitchen or hosting friends for dinner, these edible and drinkable gift ideas will make their celebrations extra tasty. Celebrating a newly engaged couple?

These engagement party dresses were made for the occasion. These engagement party decoration ideas will instantly stir up some excitement. Spoiler alert: You can only invite people who are invited to the wedding. Learn more about this and other engagement party etiquette rules.

Recently engaged? Shop our picks for the best engagement party dresses to wear in any situation, from backyard barbecue to country club chic. See more articles.