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Mar 24,  · Sign in to the Zoom desktop client. Start or join a Zoom meeting. Click Share Screen located in your meeting controls. Switch to the Advanced tab, and then select Video Navigate to and select the video you wish to share, then click Open. The video will now open within Zoom and be visible to attendees. Notes. Dec 20,  · Click the arrow again to expand the video thumbnail. While in this mode, you can also easily mute/unmute yourself or turn on/off your video by clicking the and buttons respectively. To close the floating thumbnail window and return to the full Zoom window click the arrow on the right side. Layout when screen sharing. How do I zoom in and out (camera) on Zoom app? My face is too big in the frame and I’d like to be able to have my entire body in there, without having Start or join a meeting. Tap the Camera Control icon. Use the icons on the Camera Control popup to .


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The key question really is how to give a presentation on Zoom! To give a presentation on Zoom, first, start by joining a meeting.

You should test your camera, mic, speaker, and internet connection before you start with your presentation. As easy as it may seem, some of you may need further detailed instructions. So, in this article, I will provide a step-by-step guide on things that you need to do in order to deliver a presentation on Zoom successfully!

Plus, I will also share some tips that can help you ace your presentation on Zoom! Before we understand the steps to give a presentation using Zoom, it is perhaps a good idea to acquaint yourself with the Zoom user interface first. If you are well-versed with it, then perhaps you may want to skip this section and click here instead. Although you can login to your account using zoom website too, but it is best to download and use the zoom app.

Once you have download the app, you will be prompted to login to your account. There are a bunch of different things that you ca do with the home screen on Zoom. However, you will also need the meeting ID and the password for the meeting.

You can set a new meeting and invite others to join using this option. Furthermore, for changing the account related information, just click on your profile picture in the top-right corner of your window. Lastly, there are several other detailed settings that you can tweak for your Zoom application.

Once you are a participant in a virtual meeting, either by joining an existing meeting or by starting a new meeting, you will be greeted with an image similar to the one mentioned above. On this screen, you will be presented with several different options.

Some of the key functions that you will need to be aware of are as follows —. All the above functions will be visible on a small bar at the bottom of the window.

If you are not able to see this option bar at the bottom, just hover over at the bottom part of your screen and all the options will appear.

Although there are other features that are also available for a zoom user or a participant, however, the aforementioned features should be good enough to deliver a presentation. These 6 features are at the very least something that you should be aware of.

Zoom has become a common tool for giving virtual presentations today. It is a widely used tool at conferences, meetings, and other events!

If you are giving a presentation on Zoom for the first time, then perhaps you should be aware of a few things —. Download and install the Zoom application to your desktop. After installing the application, open it and log into your Zoom account. Before you start or join a meeting, you will need to configure and test your audio and video settings.

This will open the settings menu. Try our different audio settings. After the microphone, select the speaker for audio output. From there, select the camera that is connected to your desktop. Tweak different video settings and find out what works best for you.

You can also schedule a meeting on Zoom. After completing the set-up, Zoom will give you a URL. Share it with the team members to join the meeting. Once you have everything setup, you then need to prepare to show your presentation with your audience.

To do that, open the presentation slides on your computer. The last step in giving your presentation is to make sure that you share your presentation with your audience. Now start presenting your slides to the audience. One thing to know is how to end the presentation. This option will only appear when you start sharing your screen. To share your PowerPoint presentation slides with presenter view on Zoom, follow the steps given below:. Next, join the meeting.

Remember, you need the meeting ID and password to join a meeting. Make sure you have requested for the details beforehand. First step is really to open your presentation file that you want to present on the PowerPoint application. Now, go to the Zoom application, start or join a meeting. There are two methods that you can use to share PowerPoint slides on Zoom without sharing your presenter notes.

For the first method, you will need to have two monitors connected to your computer. Note: If you are not sure which one is your primary monitor, select where the PowerPoint file opened in. This should fix your problem. When you are sharing a screen on Zoom, you will notice a green border around that screen. This indicates which monitor you are currently sharing. This will give you a green border on your screen that you can adjust. Only the things that are inside this border will be shared on Zoom.

By doing so, your audience will only see the slides that you are presenting, but not your notes. Ensuring that you are visible from time to time during a presentation can make it slightly more engaging and much more interactive.

Here is how you can do that-. Step 3: Make sure your video is switched on so that you are also visible to your audience. It will take some time for your slides to appear on the Zoom client.

When it is done, participants will be able to see your face in front of the slides in Zoom. Make sure that your camera is connected to your computer and configured correctly. This feature works best if you have a green screen behind you.

Furthermore, you may sometimes want to show just yourself to the audience and not show the presentation at all. If you want to record your presentation on Zoom, you can do it easily. Once the recording starts, you can pause the recording or stop it whenever you like.

Giving a presentation in front of an audience is always a challenging task. Especially if it is online, many things can go wrong during your presentation. These are as follows —. There are several ways to make your presentation look really professional and high quality.

One obvious method is to outsource your presentation to a specialised design agency! But, that can become really expensive depending on your budget. Another non-obvious option is to use a PowerPoint Presentation Template! There are several high-quality and professional templates that you can get quite easily! In fact, using these Presentation Designs is quite inexpensive!

My favorite one is Agio PowerPoint Presentation template. It is perfectly suited to give a professional look to your presentation and yet it is quite quick and easy to use. Check out some of the images below —. Agio PowerPoint Presentation Template. Furthermore, make the presentation as simple and straightforward as possible.

Do not confuse your audience with a network of colorful texts, graphs, or other contents. Only use data and graphs that are relevant to your presentation. Also, the clever use of transition animations can make the slide appear much more engaging. Whenever you are giving your presentation online, many things can go wrong. For example, your camera or mic may not function properly. Such interruptions will only make you a laughing stock in front of the participants.

Check your mic, camera, and speakers to find out whether they are working properly or not. If everything is ok, then you are good to go on with your presentation. Try THIS! Understanding the Zoom Application Interface Before we understand the steps to give a presentation using Zoom, it is perhaps a good idea to acquaint yourself with the Zoom user interface first.