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– Why rt pcr test takes time

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Image for representation. In this test, a swab is taken from the throat or nose of the person who is getting tested. This swab contains a small quantity of the RNA of the virus, therefore it is amplified to produce material that is enough for testing whether or not coronavirus has why rt pcr test takes time the person.

To detect the same in the test, the RNA is converted into a two-strand DNA, using the process known as reverse transcription. Although this test is why rt pcr test takes time accurate than a rapid antigen test, the time taken is also more. The test can be completed in four to eight why rt pcr test takes time, however, the results are available in one day due to time taken in collection and in the transportation of samples to the labs.

This also adds to the time taken by labs to conduct this test. If the testing lab is far from the place where the sample of the person has been collected, the test result may be available after 48 hours or more, in some cases. On the other hand, the results of the rapid antigen test can come out in about half an hour but the accuracy is less than that of an RT PCR test. The cost of RT PCR test in private labs has recently been reduced by the Delhi government and is now capped at Читать далееif the sample is collected at the facility.

However, if a technician comes to your home for sample collection, the maximum price that can be taken for the same is Rs 1,



– How Long Does It Take to Get COVID Results by Test Type?

The test result document needs to include your name (identical to name on Negative PCR COVID test result issued within 72 hours of. Antigen test: This detects bits of proteins on the surface of the virus called antigens. Antigen tests typically take only 15 to 30 minutes. Steps were taken to declare real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test results within 24 hours in the district, said Collector C.