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This can happen if the transaction is already being processed to your designated recipient. Need more info? Check out the Xoom User Agreement for more information regarding our cancelation and refund policy. If you have more questions, please contact us.

Sending money Common questions Sending money securely Paying bills Payment options Reloading phones Getting started with Xoom Transaction fees and rates Requirements Tracking your transaction How much I can send and receive My account and password. Choose a general reason — Choose a general reason Still need help? What types of bills can I pay with Xoom? How can I reload prepaid mobile phones? How much money can I send?

Learn about the Xoom app. How can I pay with my PayPal account? How much does it cost to send with Xoom? What is Xoom and how does it work? How much money can my recipient receive? How can I pay? Tips for sending money safely. What is required to send higher amounts of money? Sending 1, CAD or more. How can I pay with EUR? How can I pay with GBP? How can I pay with USD? Can I use Xoom for commercial purposes? How can I pay with CAD?

When will my money get there? How much money can my recipient receive if I live in the United States? How much money can my recipient receive if I live in Canada? We will not be liable, for instance:.

Residents of certain jurisdictions in the United States may also consider the following in the event of a problem:. Notwithstanding the foregoing, residents of certain jurisdictions in the United States should read the following:. RIGHT TO REFUND: You, the customer, are entitled to a refund of the money to be transmitted as the result of this agreement if PayPal does not forward the funds received from you within 10 days of the date of its receipt, or does not give instructions committing an equivalent amount of funds to the person designated by you within 10 days of the date of the receipt of the funds from you unless otherwise instructed by you.

If your instructions as to when the funds shall be forwarded or transmitted are not complied with and the funds have not yet been forwarded or transmitted you have a right to a refund. California residents: the above does not apply to claims under Section of the California Financial Code arising from Transactions originating in California.

You and PayPal agree that any claim or dispute at law or equity that has arisen or may arise, out of or relating to the Xoom services or your Xoom account, will be resolved in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement to Arbitrate provisions set forth below.

Please read this information carefully. Among other things it:. If you have a dispute with PayPal, our goal is to learn about and address your concerns. If we are unable to do so to your satisfaction, we aim to provide you with a neutral and cost effective means of resolving the dispute quickly.

Any disputes you have regarding the Xoom services may be reported to customer service online through the Xoom Help Center at any time. You agree that, except to the extent inconsistent with or preempted by federal law and except as otherwise stated in this User Agreement, the laws of the State of Delaware, without regard to principles of conflict of laws, will govern this user agreement and any claim or dispute that has arisen or may arise between you and PayPal.

Xoom moves your money fast, and keeps your security a top priority. Speed of money transfer service is subject to many factors, including:. Luxembourg B United States PayPal, Inc. We recommend that Senders use the Service only to send money to, reload pre-paid mobile telephone plans for, or pay bills for people you know personally, such as family and friends.

You should never use the Service to send requests or money to strangers. Where required by law, PayPal is a licensed or authorized provider of money remittance services. All money transmission is provided to Senders by PayPal.

A “Sender” is someone who uses the Service to send money, make a bill payment or pay for a pre-paid mobile telephone plan reload. A “Recipient” is an individual who receives money from a Sender through the Service.

A “Third-Party Service Company” is a seller of Reloads through Xoom or a utility or other entity that receives a bill payment from a Sender through the Service. A “Beneficiary” is someone for whom a Sender reloads their pre-paid mobile telephone plan or makes a bill payment through the Service. For example, and for illustration purposes only, if you use the Service to pay your relative’s electric bill, your relative is your Beneficiary and the electric company which receives the payment is the Third-Party Service Company for that Transaction.

You understand that the person referred to as “Beneficiary” in this User Agreement may be referred to as the “Recipient” on your Reload or Bill Pay receipt. The “Payout Amount” is the amount paid out to the Recipient or Third-Party Service Company, excluding any taxes or charges that may be levied under the laws of the Destination and deducted from the Payout Amount the “Local Taxes”.

All Transaction Fees defined herein related to the Service are made free and clear of, and without any deduction or withholding for and on account of, any taxes, duties or other deductions. Any such deduction or withholding, if required by the laws of any country are your sole responsibility.

Eligible Users. In order to access or use the Service as a Sender, you must be i at least eighteen 18 years old or the age of majority in your country, and ii able to form legally binding contracts. Please go to the relevant section for your country specific provisions, which can be found between Part C — F, for further information about age of majority. Only natural persons are eligible to use the Xoom service.

Mobile Services. The Service is also accessible via a mobile device. If you access the service through a mobile device, your wireless service carrier or mobile network operator’s standard charges, data rates and other fees may apply.

Bill Pay Beneficiary Consents. You confirm that your Beneficiary has consented to you to accessing his or her account information and permitted PayPal to collect and verify information about him or her. Xoom is a different service than the PayPal service. Your Xoom Account will be accessible using your PayPal credentials. We may, in our sole discretion, refuse Transactions funded from certain Payment Instruments and you understand that it is not guaranteed that any or all of the Payment Instruments you have stored in your PayPal account will be available for use when using Xoom to complete your Transaction.

Xoom will provide your Transaction history on the transaction history page. Please check the statement for each Payment Instrument you used to pay for a Transaction to see when it was debited to that Payment Instrument.

Not Available to Certain Users. The Service may not be available in whole or in part in different countries and jurisdictions as determined by local laws and regulations or if we reasonably determine that providing the Service in a particular country or jurisdiction presents an unacceptable level of risk to us, our users or our systems. Not Available for Certain Transactions. We may, at any time and in our sole discretion, refuse any Transaction.

This may include Transactions from certain Senders, for certain Beneficiaries or to certain Recipients or Service Companies, including without limitation, entities and individuals that are included on the Specially Designated Nationals list, Non-cooperative Countries and Territories list, United Nations Security Council Sanctions List, and such other lists as may be issued from time to time by government agencies.

We may also, at any time and in our sole discretion, limit the amount to be transferred on a per Transaction basis or an aggregated basis without prior notice. Any such limits may be imposed on individual Xoom accounts or on related Xoom accounts or households. We may reject or limit Transactions based on violations of this User Agreement, local laws and regulations or if we reasonably determine processing a Transaction presents an unacceptable level of risk to us, our users or our systems.

Transaction Fees. For each Transaction that you submit, you agree to pay Xoom’s transaction fee the “Transaction Fee” , if applicable, plus the Transaction Amount. Any Transaction Fee will be disclosed to you prior to you authorizing a Transaction. For Send Money transactions, you can also directly go to the Fee Calculator current Transaction Fees and foreign exchange rates. For each Reload Transaction that you submit, you agree to pay the applicable Third-Party Service Company fees disclosed to you prior to you authorizing a Transaction.

Foreign Currency Exchange Rate. We and our Service Providers defined below usually make money when you pay for a Transaction in one currency and the Transaction is paid out in another currency. We usually make money based on the difference between the exchange rate at which we buy foreign currency and the exchange rate provided to you.

If a foreign currency exchange rate applies, it will be disclosed to you prior to you authorizing a Transaction. Reloads are priced by the Third-Party Service Provider in the foreign currency of the Carrier defined below. We will display a local currency price for those Reloads based on an exchange rate that Xoom determines. We and the Third-Party Service provider make money based on the difference between the local currency price we quote to you and the foreign currency price the Third-Party Service Provider pays for foreign Reloads.

Before you authorize the purchase of a foreign Reload from the Third-Party Service Provider, we will disclose to you the Reload Price in local currency, the Reload amount in foreign currency as applicable , and the exchange rate Xoom applies to calculate the Reload price. Local Taxes. There may be Local Taxes in certain receive countries. Local Taxes will be disclosed to you prior to you authorizing a Transaction, to the extent required by law.

Other Charges. We are not responsible for any fees or charges that may be imposed by the financial institutions associated with your Payment Instruments. For example without limitation , your credit card issuer may charge you a cash advance fee and interest if you use a credit card as a Payment Instrument.

We are not responsible for any such fees, nor are we responsible for non-sufficient funds charges, chargeback fees, or other similar charges that might be imposed on you by your bank, credit or debit card issuer, or other provider in connection with your use of the Service. If you submit a Transaction that results in us being charged non-sufficient fund fees, chargeback fees, or other similar fees, you agree to reimburse us for all such fees.

Payment is due at the time your Transaction is submitted for processing although we may choose not to debit your Payment Instrument immediately. In order for us to collect payment from you and complete your Transaction, you authorize us to access, charge, electronically transfer, or debit funds from any of the payment instruments you provide us in connection with your use of the Service each, a “Payment Instrument” including, for example, your credit card, debit card, bank account or PayPal balance.

Not all Payment Instruments are available to all customers at all times. We may, in our sole discretion, refuse Transactions funded from certain Payment Instruments. You will not be able to cancel the electronic transfer once PayPal initiates the transfer from your account which may be after the Payout Amount has been received by your Recipient or Third-Party Service Company. You authorize us to re-try debiting your Payment Instrument or a different Payment Instrument one or more times if your payment fails or is insufficient.

For example, if there are insufficient funds in your bank account at the time you submit your Transaction, we may try to debit your bank account or charge your credit card if you provide it as a different Payment Instrument at a later time.

You confirm that you are the lawful owner of your Payment Instrument s. You understand that not all Transactions are eligible for POWR, and that POWR is subject to many factors, including without limitation Destination, funding source, Transfer Amount, Transaction history and approval by our proprietary verification system.

You agree we may verify your Payment Instrument in connection with a Transaction. For example, you agree we may from time to time debit your bank account for less than the amount of the transfer i. Service Providers. We attempt to provide up-to-date information on our websites regarding the location, availability, and hours of our Service Providers.

However, you should directly confirm hours of operation and location with the Service Provider. Recipients may be required to prove their identity before receiving funds by presenting authentic, valid, and current identification document s from a list of acceptable forms of identification.

You give us permission to contact your Recipient or the Third-Party Service Company and store all such data, as necessary to provide the Service.

Transfers to Accounts. If the account is not denominated in the same currency as the Transaction, your Transaction may be cancelled. We reserve the right at any time, and from time to time, to modify or discontinue the Service or any part thereof with or without notice. Delays or Cancellations. Business hours, systems availability and currency availability of our Service Providers may also cause delays.

Nevertheless, you may be entitled to a refund in certain circumstances, as described below. Commercial Transactions. You agree that you will only use the Service to Send Money to people or purchase Reloads for Beneficiaries for personal reasons. You acknowledge that Xoom is not liable for your use of the Service for commercial purposes, including all risks associated with the purchase of goods or payment for services of any kind, such as but not limited to losses you suffer for undelivered or defective goods and services you pay for using the Service.

The Payout Amount for a Reload is the amount of prepaid wireless services credit being purchased in the currency of the Carrier defined below , excluding Local Taxes. The Third-Party Service Company may be a reseller of prepaid wireless services, rather than the Carrier itself.

The Carrier Agreement applies to all services for which the Reload may be used by the Beneficiary. Terms and conditions vary by Carrier, Destination and the terms of the Carrier Agreement but may include fees and taxes charged on a Reload, the expiration of the Reload and the quality and quantity of airtime, data and other services for which the Reload may be used.

You should ask your Beneficiary to contact the Carrier directly with questions or problems on how the Reload can be used for services provided by the Carrier. Limitations on Frequency of Transfers. For security reasons, there may be limits on the number of Transactions you can execute using your Xoom Account. Prohibited Transactions. You may not use the Service in violation of this User Agreement or applicable laws, rules or regulations.

It is a violation of this User Agreement to use the Service for any of the following activities without limitation : sexually-oriented materials or services; gambling activities; fraud; money-laundering; funding terrorist organizations; purchase or sale of tobacco, firearms, prescription drugs, or other controlled substances; or sending money to a Recipient or paying for a Reload for a Beneficiary that has violated the User Agreement.

If you use the Service in connection with illegal conduct, we reserve the right to report you to the appropriate law enforcement agency or agencies. We may, in our sole discretion, cancel any Transaction and close any Xoom Account that we suspect is being utilized for any purpose prohibited by this User Agreement. You acknowledge that PayPal is not liable for your use of the Service in violation of this User Agreement. You may not request, submit or receive a Transaction i on behalf of any other person, or ii on behalf of a charitable organization without PayPal’s express consent.

We may, at any time and in our sole discretion, close multiple Xoom Accounts held by an individual, persons related to the individual or persons living in the same household as the individual. Restricted Activities. Suspension or Termination of Service. Subject to applicable law, we, in our sole discretion, reserve the right to suspend or terminate this User Agreement, access to or use of our websites, software, systems including any networks and servers used to provide any of the Xoom services operated by us or on our behalf, or some or all of the Xoom services for any reason and at any time with or without notice to you and, upon termination of this User Agreement, cancel any or all of your Transactions and refund the applicable Transaction Amounts to you.

You agree and consent to receive electronically all Communications that we provide. Hardware and Software Requirements. In order to access and retain Communications, you must have: i an Internet browser that is JavaScript enabled, and supports bit encryption and the acceptance of first party cookies, ii an e-mail account and the capability to read e-mail from Xoom, iii a device and Internet connection capable of supporting the foregoing and iv sufficient storage space to save past Communications or an installed printer to print them.

We will notify you if there are any material changes to the hardware or software needed to receive electronic Communications from us.

By giving your consent you are confirming that you have access to the necessary equipment and are able to receive, open, and print or download a copy of any Communications for your records.

You should print or save a copy of these Communications for your records as they may not be accessible online at a later date. How to Withdraw Your Consent. Because we communicate electronically, you must provide your consent to receive Communications electronically in order to establish a Xoom Account and receive our services.

You may withdraw your consent to receive all Communications electronically by clicking here for Customer Service. If you fail to provide, or if you withdraw, your consent to receive Communications electronically, we will decline to establish a Xoom Account for you, or we will terminate, suspend or decline to provide the Service, unless you are entitled by applicable law to receive non-electronic Communications.

Requesting Paper Copies of Electronic Communications. If, after you consent to receive Communications electronically, you would like a paper copy of a Communication we previously sent you, you may request a copy within days of the date we provided the Communication to you by contacting us as described above. We will send your paper copy to you by U.

In order for us to send you paper copies, you must have a current street address on file as your address in your Xoom Account profile. Updating Your Contact Information. It is your responsibility to keep your primary email address up to date so that we can communicate with you electronically.



How to cancel xoom account – none: –

The only you can cancel your account is by fill out the form on the customer service page and request them to cancel your account. How to. Go to the body of the email and compose reasons on why you wish your Xoom account to be deleted. After completing them. Go to the Send button. It delete my accounts in the backend and there was no way for me to try to use them so there is nothing they can do and that the only option was for me to.


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