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From the phone Regardless of the device you will be using, you need to remember that you can join a meeting in Zoom without having to create an account. However, once you have downloaded and installed the app on your mobile from the Google Play Store, these are the steps to follow: Open the application and, on the home screen, tap “Join a meeting” in case you have received a meeting ID you want to join.

If you don’t have a meeting ID, you need to register or log into the platform. After logging in, you’ll see the app’s home screen, which includes options like creating a new meeting, joining an existing one, scheduling a video conference, or sharing your screen. You can also add contacts. Tap the orange “New meeting” icon, then tap “Start a meeting” Once the meeting has started, you can invite other attendees by tapping the “Attendees” section. You can also share files, activate or deactivate the audio and the camera, or access the meeting settings to modify its parameters.

From the computer The process of using Zoom from your computer it’s not much more difficult. Once installed, you just need to follow these steps: Open Zoom and click “Join a meeting” if you have a meeting ID you want to join.

If not, click on «Login». Click on the orange «New meeting» button. Once inside the meeting, you can invite other participants by clicking on the «Attendees» section. To end or leave the meeting, click on the red “End” text at the bottom right of the screen. Latest News. Related Items The best apps to adapt a mobile to the elderly. The 8 best apps to improve habits in your life. Like going back to a telegram group that you left.

The best apps to go for a walk. Applications to download free games. You can tally and keep count of how many tabs any given team member has open during the screen casts. We recommend starting your Zoom meetings with a fact of the day. You can find facts in a variety of ways. If you want to create a challenge, then you can present the fact as trivia and ask your team to guess the answer.

The polling feature in Zoom can turn your information into an interactive pop quiz. Here are more ideas for Zoom trivia. For more conversation topic suggestions, check out our post of virtual water coolers and these team building questions to ask. More Zoom meetings mean less face-to-face contact. By embracing the video conferencing platform and utilizing online tools, you can transform your standard Zoom meeting into a fun and creative work experience. Next, check out our posts on video conferencing games , games for online meetings and Zoom team building ideas for more inspiration.

We also have a list of team meeting ideas , list of ways to make online meetings fun , and a list of the best Zoom apps for work. Some fun things to do over Zoom include background contests, dress up days, and rock, paper, scissors. Successful Zoom meetings keep team members engaged with active involvement.

Some of the best group activities over Zoom include snack time, whiteboard games, and dress up days. You can make Zoom meetings fun by playing games and initiating activities that require participation and foster social interaction. For example, you could do trivia, play Bingo or run a lightning scavenger hunt. You can follow us on LinkedIn for team building tips!

Team building content expert. Angela has a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and worked as a community manager with Yelp to plan events for businesses. Skip to content Here is our list of fun Zoom meeting ideas. This list includes: Zoom call ideas fun ideas for Zoom meetings Zoom meeting themes how to make Zoom meetings fun Zoom meeting topics So, here is the list!

List of Zoom meeting ideas From fact of the day, to online fortune telling, to un-birthdays, here is a list of fun ideas for Zoom meetings with coworkers. Twitter LinkedIn Email. Author: Angela Robinson Team building content expert. Want to do team building online?

In addition to a longer time limit, the pro account enables you to conduct a large meeting with more capacity. The good news is, you can always extend the meeting minute limit without upgrading your free account. Check out our step-by-step guide on how to use Zoom for more details. Now, as the host, you have to click on the End button at the right corner of the screen. Choose the Leave Meeting button. When the host leaves, the meeting will end for all participants. Note : Be careful not to click on End Meeting for All.

You or a participant may not be able to extend the meeting if you click it. You can then ask the attendees to click on the same Meeting ID. Additionally, you can use this process to add short breaks in between these 40 minute sessions.

Just select the Leave the Meeting icon and restart the meeting after your break is over. You can easily cut short a breakout room meeting by selecting Leave Breakout Rooms early. And if you want to extend the meeting duration of breakout rooms, you need to choose Keep Breakout Rooms Open. Occasionally, Zoom offers a concession in the time limit as a token of appreciation for free Zoom account holders. Free users can carry out meetings longer than 40 minutes on upcoming special occasions, like New Year.

You can either upgrade to the Pro plan or workaround the Zoom meeting time limit without an upgrade. Google Meet is a video conferencing service developed by Google. Cisco Webex is a web and video conferencing tool that conducts online meetings, screen sharing, and webinars. With hundreds of businesses operating remotely or in hybrid work models due to the Coronavirus pandemic, video conferencing tools like Zoom have been a godsend.

Fortunately, you can use the steps mentioned above to extend the Zoom meetings limit or upgrade to a Pro account. Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff on remote working and productivity to your email inbox. We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. Wondering how to extend Zoom meeting time? After 40 minutes, a Zoom session automatically ends. You can avoid this and extend the Zoom time limit in two simple ways. By Upgrading to Pro Account Since the 40 minute time limit is only for the free plan, you can simply upgrade to a Pro account to extend your Zoom meeting time.

From the navigation panel, click Account Management and then, Billing. Click on the Current Plans , followed by Upgrade Account. Go through the plans and click Upgrade on the Pro plan.



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Click the Chat tab. Select a contact or channel name to open a chat.