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Why did zoom share price drop – none:.Is ZM Stock a Buy Right Now? 3 Analysts Weigh In on Zoom Price Predictions.

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I also started creating a community of Italian investors and you can find me on different social media: YouTube davideravera , Instagram davideravera. E-comm 9 Stories. View Premium Services. CFA Level 2 Candidate. Zoom Video Communications provides a communications platform that connects people through video, voice, chat, and content sharing.


Why did zoom share price drop – none: –


Why did zoom share price drop – none: Video Communications, Inc. But the macroeconomic situation is now entirely different from 2 years ago. So how is it possible that a company that has had tremendous growth in the last two years has a price comparable to its price before ddi grew to these levels? Droop, in this article, we will analyze the changes, competitors and Zoom projection in the following years to see if the actual price represents the absolute value of the company or if the stock is undervalued.

Data by YCharts. It is clear to everybody that the world is entirely different from 2 years ago. Covid has changed the way people relate to each other, contributing to the spread of long-distance relationships and connections. In addition, the world of work has seen some changes, the most important of which is undoubtedly that of remote work.

People have realized why did zoom share price drop – none: it is why did zoom share price drop – none: always necessary to physically go to the workplace to work efficiently, but this can also be done remotely. And this trend seems to смотрите подробнее continuing even now that the healthcare emergency has passed, as it provides remote workers with a great deal of flexibility and savings in terms of travel time and monetary terms for the cost of transportation.

Читать we also add the latest developments globally with по ссылке Russia – Ukraine conflict and all the implications of the case, including the increase in raw material prices including crude oil and indirectly the increase of the cost of fuelwe see that the situation is profoundly dro.

Zoom has several competitors, the most notable of which are Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex. The three companies offer different products and target different types of customers. The shar difference lies in the fact that Priec and Teams are more oriented to enterprise use with very structured platforms with many additions aimed at business use. At the same time, Zoom has different target customers: retail and private. Zoom has a competitive advantage in prices: it can offer its services at significantly lower why did zoom share price drop – none: than адрес competitors.

I would say that Zoom has always been disruptive in pricing and contact center is absolutely different. If you look across the market in how we price Meetings, how we price in Phone, we introduced it. We’re approximately half the price of any of our competitors’ list price. And that continues to be the case with contact center as well.

I mean, over time, we absolutely will continue to add features and functionality with exact same approach that we took for Zoom Phone in terms of the launch and how it grew over time and expanded the features and functionality.

The same is true with Contact Center. But you should not take the price as reflecting anything in terms of the quality of that product. So, Zoom’s ability to attract many individual customers is also because the cost of Zoom products is lower than the prices of Webex and Teams.

With the incredible growth that /4308.txt remote communications industry has had, it’s safe to say that now the drive is no longer in a significant growth phase, but this growth is levelling off to an average level of growth rates.

In продолжение здесь, the increase in remote work will positively impact ZM’s business. The main risk of a business like Zoom’s one, is first of all, that wby platform sees a decrease in the number of customers caused both by macro trends return of people to see each other in person and by movements in the specific sector with the prevalence of other companies Webex or Teams why did zoom share price drop – none: example. The only way to improve profitability would be to cut OpEx and in particular to increase nonr:, and Zoom will be struggling with that in We believe that it will not be easy for the company to expand and grow its business.

The pric will have to either make acquisitions – something similar to what Wy management tried with Five9 FIVN – or make agreements to make its product more and more complete through integrations with other software and services. Therefore, we believe that the remote video communications sector is a well-established one. Consequently, it is unlikely that Zoom or any other competitor will be able to disrupt it further by introducing new products in the short term.

We made an estimate based on the characteristics of the industry, Zoom, competitors and the global situation. Specifically, the two fundamental assumptions we considered are:.

We believe there is not an adequate margin of safety to enter a long position, and overall, the stock seems appropriately valued. For us, Zoom is a company with an interesting business but without the significant growth prospects of a few years ago. We will continue to monitor the company as, should the price drop continue, it could become a better opportunity.

I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it other than нажмите сюда Seeking Alpha. I have no business relationship with /17766.txt company whose stock is mentioned in this article. Prkce disclosure: The information in the article is provided for informational purposes only.

It should not be ozom as investment advice or advice on buying, selling, or other types of transactions relating to an investment in products or services, much less an invitation, an offer or a solicitation to invest. The information in the article is provided solely by virtue of the fact that everyone will independently make their own investment decisions: the report does not take into account investment objectives, nor specific needs or financial situation.

In addition, nothing in the article represents or is intended why did zoom share price drop – none: express financial, legal, accounting or tax advice. Davide Ravera Why did zoom share price drop – none:. That was explained in the last conference call by the CFO Kelly Steckelberg: I would say that Zoom has always been disruptive in pricing and contact center is absolutely different.

Valuations And Conclusions We made an estimate based on the characteristics of the industry, Zoom, competitors and the global situation. We do not believe that the company can overperform and increase its market share excessively. These figures align with the service offered and we believe that they can be achieved without great difficulty. This article was written by. Davide Ravera. CFA Level 2 Candidate. I am a growth-oriented value investor, mainly covering GARP stocks.

I tend to be a как сообщается здесь investor, жмите order to take advantage of negative market sentiment. I am a Quantitative Finance Graduate from WU Vienna and I used to work in the financial sector for different institutions and in various roles during my studies.

I also started creating a community of Italian investors and you can find me on different social media: YouTube davideraveraInstagram davideravera. All wgy my articles are written to share my personal research and do not represent general or personalized financial advice of any kind. Is this happening to you frequently? Please report it on our feedback forum. If you have an ad-blocker enabled you may be blocked from why did zoom share price drop – none:. Please disable your ad-blocker and refresh.


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May 28,  · Zoom earnings for the first quarter of fiscal were $ a share on an adjusted basis, down 22% from a year earlier. Revenue rose 12% to $ billion for Zoom. Mar 08,  · Shares of Zoom Video Communications (ZM %) dropped 14% in February, according to data from S&P Global Market Intelligence. There wasn’t any major news about Zoom before its Feb. 28 earnings Author: Ryan Downie. Mar 01,  · Zoom’s prices have been firmly in the red for a while; they have fallen 57% over the last six months. management forecast earnings of $ per share at the midpoint on $ billion revenue.