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To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. I make videos that are a large part of my business. I have tried doing this using just my iPhone and my iPad with varying degrees of poor visibility.

I don’t own a desktop or laptop anymore. Posted on May 8, AM. Page content loaded. The Apple TV does not suport webcams. Nor is there any app for it that could be used for recording video on it even if you could connect one to it. It a a streaming box, not a computer. Not sure however, what difference in visibility a webcam would bring that would be better to the iPhone or iPad. The webcam would be tied to the Apple TV, where as the iPhone and iPad are more mobile and can be placed in pretty much any location and angle with the appropriate stands.

What are you recording? It makes sense to rotate an iPhone or iPad into the landscape position to match the wide orientation of a TV set.

The mirroring will follow that rotation. It works fine in all other apps—include Zoom, Hangouts, etc. AirPlay passes the audio to the Apple TV by default. But in macOS, you can use the Sound preference pane to choose the built-in speakers or headphone jack on your Mac. You can also pick an audio output source in most of video chat software.

In FaceTime, choose the Video menu and then select an audio output option. In Zoom, click the upward-pointing arrow next to the mic icon and select an output option. Using Zoom on your Apple TV, you can magnify images to make viewing more convenient.

With the help of the touch surface on the Siri remote, you will be able to control Zoom and pan around the zoomed image easily. Moreover, there is also an option to adjust zoom magnification as per your comfort level. Once you have turned on zoom on your set-top box, I would recommend you to turn on Accessibility Shortcut to easily turn on or off this feature just by clicking the menu button three times on your Siri remote.

Zoom In or Out: When in zoom mode, press the Touch surface three times. Now, the items you highlight will be automatically magnified. Adjust the Zoom Magnification: Simply tap on the Touch surface and drag up or down with two fingers. Turn panning on or off: To turn panning on or off, you have to tap the Touch surface with two fingers on the Siri remote.

Pan to see more: When panning, drag your finger on the Touch surface to see more detail. Speak the currently selected screen item: Simply press the Siri button twice to speak the currently selected screen item.

Move the Zoom Focus: You need to tap on the top, bottom, left, or right edge of the Touch surface to move in that direction by one screen item.


Zoom apple tv webcam

Most people that record things use the iPhone or iPad with much success. No sound is streaming to my tv speaker through Air play.